NRA Range Safety Officer Course - Cost: $75.00[includes course materials]

$50.00 deposit required to register. Balance due at sign-in[or pay in full]

Classroom Location - Colorado Springs

Course Length -  Classroom[8:30 am to 5 pm w/ 1 hour lunch break][range not applicable]

The following are the Goals of this course:
Understand the NRA's Range Safety Officer Course
Explain the purpose for becoming an NRA Range Safety Officer
Explain the goal of the NRA Range Safety Officer Course.
Explain the role of the Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Explain the purpose ofhaving range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Properly inspect an indoor range
Properly inspect an outdoor range
Describe the four types of shooting range rules and how each type applies to the handling and use of guns
Explain the purpose of a range safety briefing
Conduct a range safety briefing
Explain the purpose of having emergency procedures.
Identify the steps to take during an emergency
Conduct an emergency exercise
Explain the difference between a stoppage and a malfunction
Demonstrate how to safely take a gun from a shooter
Demonstrate how to clear common stoppages
Pass the NRA's Range Safety Officer test
Understand the procedure for submitting the registration fee to the NRA

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A Chief Range Safety Officer certification authorizes the CRSO to train Range Safety Officers -  Pre-requisets for a CRSO are after becoming a RSO,
attend the Basic Instructor Training Course and the CRSO Instructor Course

for information about becoming a CRSO, Contact:Doug Davis  @ 719-651-2601    Email Contact>

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