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NRA Defensive Pistol Module:

The NRA Defensive Pistol Module is an advanced course taught over two days and is designed for people that have already mastered handgun safety and accuracy. The course covers fast shot recovery and follow up shots (flash sight picture), drawing from concealment, reloading (emergency, speed, and retension) and stoppage clearing. The course is designed for people who wish to be well prepared for the case of a defensive firearm situation.

Unlike the Introduction to Handguns Course, the NRA Defensive Pistol Module course has a quantifiable pass/fail criteria based on accuracy and speed. Though time and accuracy is important, it is possible to not meet the passing criteria and not receive a certificate. For all but very experienced shooters, Davis Training suggests (but does not require) the Davis Training Introduction to Handguns Course. The Introduction to Handguns Course meets the training requirements for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit, but do not cover information about carrying a concealed handgun.

Because of the level of experience expected and to maximize your probability of success, a non-refundable deposit of $20 is required. This deposit covers a before-class, safe handgun handling and accuracy evaluation, which consists of shooting two strings of five shots for a total of ten shots (using one magazine) over five minutes at an 8.5x11” vertically oriented piece of paper at 30 feet; all 10 shots must be on or touching the paper. The evaluation criterial must be met before the Defensive Pistol Module can be attended.  Davis Training offers pre-module training sessions which are designed to sharpen potential students' shooting skills.

The Pre-Module Training Sessions consists of two one-hour sessions.  Training Sessions cost is $50.00 each[range fee included], plus ammunition.  Attendee supplies 100 rounds of ammunition per session. Contact Doug Davis @ 719-651-2601 or email> for more information   The Pre-Module Training Sessions are by appointment only.

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Contact Doug Davis @ 719-651-2601  or  Email Contact>

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