Introduction To The Carbine Course:

Cost:  $160.00 plus ammo[250 rounds-ammo can be purchased from us]
[$80.00 deposit required to register for course]
A carbine for this course is described as a medium or pistol caliber firearm that is designed ot be fired from the shoulder[pistol caliber pistols ok]
No big game hunting calibers as defined by Colorado hunting regulations
Optics and red dots are permitted, but not mandatory
At least 3 spare magazines and magazine pouche[s]
A one or two point sling for across the front of the body carry
A handgun with spare mag[s] and dominant side hip holster
Carbine rentals are available,

Course covers:
Bench rest to sight in
Ready positions
Multiple/Accererated Shots
Target Transitions
Using Cover/Concealment
Recoil Management

The Introduction To The Carbine Course is a two day course. Classroom on Saturday, sign-in 0830, end 3pm.  Range on Sunday, sign-in 0845, end 2 pm

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