Course Cost - $60.00
Deposit - $30.00[required to hold a reservation]
Includes course materials except personal items, travel, and food.

Basic Instructor Training is reqired for new instructors.  It is not dicipline specific, which means the coures can be taken
without taking an instructor course immediately.

Below is from the Introction for the Basic Instructor Training Course:

Since its incorporation in 1871, the National Rifle Association has focused on firearm
training. Each year NRA trainers instruct several hundred thousand people in the safe and
proper use of firearms. NRA training methods and policies are updated regularly to ensure
that educationally sound firearm training is presented simply, effectively, and enjoyably.

As an NRA trainer, you join a team of thousands of dedicated and highly skilled
individuals across the country. This team forms the backbone ofthe NRAFirearm Training
Program, a community service program of the NRA. Because of the efforts of talented trainers
like yourself, this program continues to grow in quality and stature.

The goal of the NRA Firearm Training Program is to provide a comprehensive package
of courses designed to help both beginning and advanced shooters improve their skills in
the shooting sports, including safe gun handling; marksmanship for hunting; earning a merit
badge; competitive shooting at the local, state, national, or world-class level; and weekend
recreation. It's not just shooters who need to know and practice safe gun handling-other potential
students are collectors, gunsmiths, retail sales associates, and anyone interested in
running a safe range. As an NRA trainer, you can help them reach the level to which they

NRA trainers like you possess the knowledge, skills, and professional attitude promoted
by such community organizations as the Boy Scouts of America, 4-H, The American Legion,
Young Mens Christian Association, Jaycees, wildlife conservation groups, and disabled
shooting groups. By using your expertise to help build a grassroots shooting program, you
can take great pride in serving your community with a safe sport suitable for all walks of
life. The NRA Firearm Training Program uses shooting to teach the life skills of discipline,
honesty, self-worth, and belief in oneself.

This guide is designed to help you present the courses of the NRA Firearm Training
Program. Much of this information was submitted by fellow trainers, and then reviewed by
leaders in the shooting, teaching, and research fields. By carefully following their
recommendations, you can ensure that your courses are well organized while maintaining
consistent standards in the NRA's basic, intermediate, and advanced courses and programs.

To ensure NRA trainers have the most up-to-date, accurate information available, NRA
staff periodically reviews the training guides, student manuals, supporting visual aids, and
other training materials. If you have suggestions for improving any of these materials, contact
the NRA. Identify the document, copy the appropriate pages, mark your recommendation
s in red ink, and mail your suggestions to the manager of the Training Department at
the address provided below. All suggestions will be considered when those publications are

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