Davis Training offers several handgun training courses which allow the student to choose a class that best meets their goals and abilities. Please note: All courses offered by Davis Training meet Colorado training requirements for a concealed handgun permit. If you’re taking a class in order to get a Colorado CHP, any class listed will meet the training requirement, please feel free to pick the class that offers you the best fit!


Davis Training’s “Introduction to Handguns" (click here for Introduction to Handguns information) one day class[or two evening sessions] is geared towards the beginning handgun shooter. Based on the NRA’s original “Basic Pistol” class, the curriculum is designed to be person-on-person for those who desire personal attention throughout the class or learn better with classroom based presentation. Upon successful completion you will receive a Davis Training “Introduction to Handguns” certificate.

Davis Training offers a course for the person who feels they have the experience with a handgun to successfully complete a standard performance requirements test.
[click here for Safe Handling and Use of the Handgun information]

Davis Training now offers NRA's Basics Of Pistol Shooting-Instructor Led Course.  This course is not an online course, it is taught by instructors in it's entirity which allows it to meet the training requirements for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. The NRA Basics Od Pistol Shooting book is included.  [click here for the Basics Of Pistol Shooting Course]


Follow-on classes to the NRA’s Basic Pistol class is the NRA’s “Personal Protection Inside the Home” (click here or PPIH information) and NRA’s “Personal Protection Outside the Home” (click here for PPOH information).    [These courses require pre-course requirements, contact Doug Davis at 719-651-2601 or email>  info@davistraining.biz]

For experienced shooters only, Davis Training also offers the NRA “Defensive Pistol Module” (click here for Module information). The DPM covers many of the topics covered in the PPIH (flash sight picture, for example) and PPOH (drawing, reloading and clearing stoppages) classes in a dense, compressed format. The DPM is held over two days[day one is classroom, day two is a half-day range session] . The DPM is an advanced class and requires a qualification exercise that is held before the class that evaluates both the student’s accuracy and safe gun handling abilities.


Please see the individual class descriptions for prices.

Contact Doug Davis at 719-651-2601   or   email>   dougdavis@davistraining.biz